Our Vision

Our Vision

We dream a company creating added value !

We believe that being a company that creates added value for all of its stakeholders is the most important criterion for a sustainable success in this atmosphere.

Everything around us changes rapidly, thus we should follow the developments and trends of the world closely, and be prepared for the future.

We believe that we need to build the future together with all of our employees and business partners in our industry and market by generating new business manners. This is our vision for 2023.

And to achieve this vision; we will

create the perfect atmosphere for our people to show their creativities (our people),

offer a sustainable partnership to our business partners to create added value for our customers and suppliers (our business partners),

follow the trends and developments in our industry and in the world, pioneer the innovations and contribute to modernization (our industry),

try to find more efficient and affordable ways to do business and to consume our resources respectfully (our world),

engage in operations that will increase our common values with everyone that we are responsible to in the long term (our profitability).

Temot International Member

Thanks to the Temot Supply Chain Providing Service to 80 Countries in OEM, Tatcom will Always Be at the Top in Turkey.

Tatcom is a Temot International stakeholder providing service in 54 countries. Temot International that is providing spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles is one of the largest purchasing communities of the world. Tatcom Turkey provides logistics, marketing and sales support with its customized purchasing power of its business partners by governing a central purchasing community. Tatcom increases its purchasing power and creates competitive price advantages enabling its business partners to carry out effective sales operations in the market, and also aims to maintain sustainability as the leader of the market. And its service network expands increasingly thanks to the distribution power of its business partners.

Temot International