Simkan In The Sector

Simkan In The Sector


The size of the automotive industry, the fourth largest economy of the world, is assumed to be four trillion dollars as of 2016.

And in Turkey, automotive industry displays a great performance by ranking 14th in production and 3rd in growth rate with the recent investments that it received. (2016 data)

The spare part sector, the driving force of the automotive industry, fascinates with the volume and the growth rate that it achieved today. The global spare part market is assumed to be 643.10 billion dollars. And Turkish spare part market's size is calculated as 6.5 billion dollars.

Turkish spare part market entered into a rapid growth as of the mid of 1980s, and the traditional wholesaler habits were replaced by a modern and technology-based distributer/service provider business model.


The company became a company supplying products to 5500 service points and spare part stores in Turkey with its modern structure and its superior customer relations management skills in short time. It responds to the market needs correctly and rapidly by undertaking the distributorship of more than 40 international OEM brands. Moreover, Simkan, a Temot International member, aims to create added value for its stakeholders with its wide and advantageous purchasing opportunities.

Simkan accelerated its infrastructure work and reached a capacity that allows the company to deliver parts to any point in Turkey within 24 hours with its 10,000sqm modern logistics center in Orhanlı/Istanbul and its 2400sqm second logistics center in Şaşmaz/Ankara.

Simkan Teknoloji A.Ş. established as an affiliate fulfills the technology needs of both Simkan Group and the market with ERP, B2B and BI solutions customized for the sector.

Simkan facilitates identification of parts for its customers in 22 vehicle brands by integrating their part identification catalogs with TecDoc, gains almost all of its revenue (99%) through B2B (Business-to-Business) portal, and provide top-level service to its business partners with the custom ERP system created as a result of a deep experience.

Simkan that comes up with projects to modernize the market constantly offered the modern spare part merchandising concept to the market with the franchisee business model that it created under the brand of Simkan Express. This business model that attracted attention above the expectations in short amount of time provides service with 7 franchisee business partners and 12 stores in large cities of Turkey.

The technical team and professional management of 86 work with devotion to successfully carry out all operations.

Temot International Member

Thanks to the Temot Supply Chain Providing Service to 80 Countries in OEM, Tatcom will Always Be at the Top in Turkey.

Tatcom is a Temot International stakeholder providing service in 54 countries. Temot International that is providing spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles is one of the largest purchasing communities of the world. Tatcom Turkey provides logistics, marketing and sales support with its customized purchasing power of its business partners by governing a central purchasing community. Tatcom increases its purchasing power and creates competitive price advantages enabling its business partners to carry out effective sales operations in the market, and also aims to maintain sustainability as the leader of the market. And its service network expands increasingly thanks to the distribution power of its business partners.

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