Quotations About Us

Quotations About Us

We, as Simkan Otomotiv, congratulate dear Mr. Metin Kurtarıcı and his team that we know for years both because of their work with Reksim and cooperation within Tatcom, and wish their achievements to continue. Our current relation indicates that right people always come together at the right time and right place.

Tatcom - Temot International Taner Kavkacı - Reksim Founder and General Manager, Tatkom Chairman and Temot International Board Member

I am pleased to see the positive contribution of the business model followed by Simkan Otomotiv, which makes its name frequently mentioned with continuous investments aiming to improve the IT infrastructure, logistics business processes and distribution network structure, on the automotive spare part renewal market. While our company continues to offer the high OE quality LuK, INA and FAG brands of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket with the professional and innovative perspective of Simkan Otomotiv, I always believe that we will keep the bar of this strong union high.

Schaeffler Turkey Abdullah Yavuz - Country Director

Simkan company that we are pleased to work with for our Swag brand is a pioneer company in this industry especially in terms of technological infrastructure and applications. They don't just do their jobs right, they also do the right job. In this sense, they maintain the 'leadership' quality. I congratulate them and wish their success to continue.

Bilstein Group Serdar Aslan - General Manager for Turkey and Azerbaijan

As Gates, the leader OE supplier of synchronized and auxiliary belt drives, we believe that Simkan grew above expectations and had satisfied us with its rapid adaptation to the brand. We believe that it will continue the sustainable growth that is our common goal with its result-oriented and experienced team, and wish its success to continue.

Gates Turkey Tuna Celayer - Country Manager

Simkan is the authorized partner of our Topran brand that includes more than 21,000 high quality sub-industry parts within its body for Deutsch, French and Korean vehicles since 2012. As Hans Pries that exports its products to more than 130 countries, we can easily say that Simkan works with a very high level of professionalism. The work flow among us is perfect and I'm sure that this professionalism will reflect to the Turkish market, too. We believe that this constant and regular growth will continue, and Hans Pries and Simkan partnership will last for years.

Hans Pries GmbH & Co. KG Peter Langehans - Sales Manager

In 2014 that we are celebrating the 60th year of Intermobil, we are happy to start working with Simkan. I believe that our cooperation on Hella, Behr, Hella Service, Hella Pagid and VDO brands that we distribute will expand further thanks to the innovative and developing vision of Simkan adopted from top to bottom. We wish you success in the steps that you take to differentiate in the industry.

İntermobil Rıfat Perahya - General Manager

Optimal, which has a very wide product range including wheel bearing kits, dampers, alignment units, brake assemblies and rubber parts, optimizes its brand value with dealers that attach importance to quality and brand creation just like Simkan in Turkey. We believe that Simkan will continue to increase its value everyday with its valuable team and development-oriented mentality. As Optimal family, we would like to express our gratitude from our partnership with Simkan and wish their success to continue.

Optimal Özden Doğan - Sales and Marketing Director

Simkan is a company that constantly questions, researches and uses the technological opportunities with the idea to always serve better and faster. And it manages to keep the customer relations warm despite of the developing technology. Moreover, its activities for employee motivation will carry the company to the future. I wish its achievements to continue and increase.

Bosch Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Automotive Spare Parts(AA/STR) Vahap Fırat - Regional Sales Officer

GEBA began working with Simkan in 2007. Simkan is also the official Turkish distributor of GEBA water pumps. Since the day that we had begun to work with Simkan, our revenue in the Turkish market increased significantly. We are happy to be part of the success story of this professional company.

GEBA-Autoteile GmbH Frank Herrmann - General Manager

I met with Mr. Metin Kurtarıcı for the first time at the beginning of 2007. For me, he was a nice businessman interested in SIDEM products. After few meeting, our business cooperation began. At first, our work volume was not that high. I could understood that since SIDEM was a fairly new company in the Turkish market. But today, after five years of cooperation, Simkan had became a very important distributor in the Turkish market. Starting to work with Simkan was the wisest decision that I had taken 5 years ago. SIDEM has 250 customers in 90 countries. And Simkan is one of the most professional companies that SIDEM works with. Throughout these five years, Mr. Metin Kurtarıcı and his team became not just good business partners abut also very good friends. I hope Simkan continues to do great things.

SIDEM NV Pierre Lootens - Sales Manager

Mann+Hummel Group, whose product portfolio is composed of air filter systems, suction manifold systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters and plastic cylinder covers for the automotive industry and filter elements for vehicle maintenance and repair works, began its cooperation with Simkan in 2011 for its Mann Filter. We wish this cooperation to continue by growing given that Simkan Otomotiv is one of those rare companies that set a high service quality standard and managed both rapid and sound growth in the spare part industry.

MANN+HUMMEL Mustafa Er - Sales Manager

As the OE producer of transmission, rubber and metal parts, Hutchinson is happy to work with Simkan. Since Turkey is a very special market with intense competition, it is not easy to enter into this market. But we are pleased to say that Simkan provided us great support in this. On the basis of our achievement in this market lies this company's desire to work with our products. We hope that this partnership will continue for years in the most successful way.

Hutchinson S.N.C Yoann Beliot - Regional Sales Director

Simkan has always been so kind and open to us, and fulfilled the terms of our contract. As a young company, it moves with firm steps in the automotive industry. In other words, it is the right partner!!

Phira Componentes Automoción, S.A. Pablo Serrallach - Regional Export Manager

ITSA continues its operations with many serious and professional companies. Simkan Otomotiv that we began to work with as of 2011 attracted attention with its rapid growth in Turkey and entered among our most important business partners with its structure playing a key role for ITSA. I would like to thank all my educated, customer-oriented and visionary colleagues working at Simkan.

ITSA Industrial de Transformados, SA Norma Segura - Commercial Sales Officer

Oran began its cooperation with Simkan Otomotiv following the meeting held during Automechanika 2010. We understood right away how organized they are after this meeting. It was obvious that they were demanding only high-quality products. The communication was open and seamless. The experiences of qualified employees in the import department enable them to supply their customers the highest quality products in the after-market industry in Turkey.

Talleres Oran, S.L.U. Angel Fernandez Ortiz - Export Manager

Temot International Member

Thanks to the Temot Supply Chain Providing Service to 80 Countries in OEM, Tatcom will Always Be at the Top in Turkey.

Tatcom is a Temot International stakeholder providing service in 54 countries. Temot International that is providing spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles is one of the largest purchasing communities of the world. Tatcom Turkey provides logistics, marketing and sales support with its customized purchasing power of its business partners by governing a central purchasing community. Tatcom increases its purchasing power and creates competitive price advantages enabling its business partners to carry out effective sales operations in the market, and also aims to maintain sustainability as the leader of the market. And its service network expands increasingly thanks to the distribution power of its business partners.

Temot International