Vacant Positions

Vacant Positions

Simkan Otomotiv has been the rising star of the automotive spare part sector since 2005 that it was founded. We are well aware of the role of human power and cultural capital in ensuring the continuity of this pioneer and leader brand of the sector and supporting its development. Thus, we invite individuals who want to walk with us on this path to Simkan family.

The main principle of employee selection and placement is to employ the trained, high-quality professional human resources, which can embrace and apply Simkan philosophy, vision, mission and principles, improve themselves and the company, follow and apply the latest developments in technology, at the right time, right place, right competencies. Besides the qualities fulfilling the technical requirements of the task, the individuals should also be versatile, open to information and innovation, good in human relations and willing to take initiatives.

In line with the principle claiming that "everyone at Simkan is a marketer", each employee that will be recruited should be presentable enough to communicate with the customers, have good communication skills and equipped with the knowledge and skills to make them good sellers.

The CV creation section on this site is provided by Simkan IT Department. Your information will be recorded into the Simkan HR database and no one will be allowed to access them other than our company.

What waits for you at Simkan?

  • A safe, healthy and positive working environment.
  • A team composed of individuals respecting each other.
  • Strong individuals saying "We" instead of "I".
  • An organization based on constant learning and development.
  • A system encouraging the creativity, innovation and engagement of its team members.

We will continue to share the latest vacant positions in our company that constantly strengthens its market domination.

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Thanks to the Temot Supply Chain Providing Service to 80 Countries in OEM, Tatcom will Always Be at the Top in Turkey.

Tatcom is a Temot International stakeholder providing service in 54 countries. Temot International that is providing spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles is one of the largest purchasing communities of the world. Tatcom Turkey provides logistics, marketing and sales support with its customized purchasing power of its business partners by governing a central purchasing community. Tatcom increases its purchasing power and creates competitive price advantages enabling its business partners to carry out effective sales operations in the market, and also aims to maintain sustainability as the leader of the market. And its service network expands increasingly thanks to the distribution power of its business partners.

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